The mission of Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow is to facilitate and promote actions that will enhance quality of life through improved water quality for the benefit of recreation, agriculture, wildlife, and other users of the Buckeye Lake Watershed aquatic resources.

Our vision is to work with stakeholders who are committed to sustaining Buckeye Lake water resources for future generations to enjoy.

Consistent with Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow’s mission and vision; objectives are:

•  Develop and implement a watershed action plan that results in improved water quality in the Buckeye Lake Watershed over the next ten to twenty years.
•  Work with communities around Buckeye Lake to ensure a multijurisdictional plan is created to guide development in a lake-sustaining manner.
•  Assist area decision makers in the development and coordinated adoption of sound watershed management policies.
 Develop a long-term volunteer water quality monitoring program and share results with the community.
•   Inform the public about the steps they can take to help improve the water quality of Buckeye Lake and the Buckeye Lake Watershed.
•  Promote the reduction of nonpoint pollution from all potential sources that may include agricultural, commercial, residential and recreation.
•  Foster cooperation between agriculture, commercial, residential and recreational interests in order to enable coordinated action toward common goals.