Over the years, Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association sought ways in which to expand it’s involvement in the improvement of the watershed that makes up the Buckeye Lake region.

In partnership with the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Fairfield, Licking and Perry counties as well as the Divisions of Parks, Wildlife & Fish and Game for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association underwrote startup costs and expertise necessary to develop Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow, Inc. (BLT), a 501c3 corporation, to enhance quality of life in our community through monitoring and improvement of existing conditions in the Buckeye Lake Watershed. This was a major investment in the future of Buckeye Lake and was/is possible only through the support of our strong membership base.

Focus will be on monitoring of current water quality in the lake and streams that enter the lake, to identify and address specific needs. Analysis of various origins of pollution and sediment within the lake are also examined.

We anticipate expansion of projects that Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow will be involved in, however, the main focus will be on the watershed and all efforts will be directed toward its improvement.

The Board of Directors for BLT is comprised of local residents from the agricultural community as well as residents and businesses around the lake and community leaders.  Interested individuals should contact Pete Thomas at 614-260-4300 if interested in joining our Board of Directors.